Meet our 2021 partner class

BY NP Blog Team

Congratulations once again to the Nixon Peabody 2021 partner class. We’re thrilled for the opportunity to learn more about our nine new partners, their careers, and their lives out of the firm.

Lauren Arnold
Intellectual Property, Washington DC

Lauren Arnold, Nixon Peabody LLP

I like to work on: Helping clients build new brands from the ground up and expand existing brands. I enjoy working closely with my clients to help them select marks that will afford them the strongest possible rights, and then work with them to protect those valuable assets.

What I love most about Nixon Peabody: I love the culture. I have always felt supported both professionally and personally as I built both my practice and my family. NP’s focus on inclusion, diversity, and collaboration makes me proud to be part of the team.

What most people don’t know about me: Before I went to law school, I worked on the administrative side of Broadway. Theater has always been my passion, and it was so exciting to be a part of it. A lot of it was basic entry level administrative work, but the perks were incredible!

The last podcast I listened to: I am a regular listener of “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.” I have always loved Conan’s humor, and some of those podcast episodes leave me in tears from laughing so hard!

Stephanie Bruno
Private Clients, Boston

Stephanie Bruno

I became a lawyer because: I’ve always enjoyed listening to others and helping solve problems. Becoming a lawyer, particularly a trusts and estates attorney, lets me do just that every day. My most fulfilling client relationships are those where I have become a trusted advisor to a family and am the first line of defense whenever they need help, whether in their personal or professional lives.

I like to work on: Building estate plans for entrepreneurs. I find that many business owners don’t realize how connected their business goals are to their personal estate planning goals. Whether it’s tackling succession issues or devising tax-efficient exit strategies, I thoroughly enjoy advising clients in this area. I also gravitate toward planning for family businesses, which is always complicated because families are complicated. I enjoy developing solutions that are both tax-efficient, yet recognize that a family’s most important goals may have little to do with tax savings.

What most people know about me: I am an avid home cook and very interested in the science of cooking. The more complicated and daunting the project the better. Last summer I hosted my first pig roast after building a roasting pit out of cinderblocks and rebar. It was lots of fun!

When I’m not at work: I’m going on adventures with my husband and black Labrador, Goose. Whether it be sailing in Buzzards Bays or climbing the White Mountains, I love to get out and explore.

Rachel Conn
Labor & Employment, San Francisco

Rachel Conn

I like to work on: My passion is working with employers to create a safe and healthful workplace.

A long-term goal of mine: Continue to grow my expertise in occupational safety and health.

My proudest accomplishment: Over the past year, helping employers navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

A hobby I’m passionate about: I love exploring all of the outdoor wonders of Northern California.

When I’m not at work: I’m hanging out with my 2.5-year-old twins, Ben and Nora.

Adam Gordon
Project Finance & Public Finance, New York City

Adam Gordon

My most memorable moment as a lawyer: I will always remember closing the first deal I was entrusted to handle from start to finish as a junior associate. Although the transaction was not terribly complicated, I vividly remember drafting the documents, resolving the issues that arose, and coordinating every aspect of the closing. The transaction was going to help create jobs in New York City and the client was happy with the results—it was a great feeling. At that moment I knew I picked the right profession.

What I love most about Nixon Peabody: My practice group. I am privileged to work with some of the most knowledgeable and hard-working attorneys in the industry who also happen to be incredibly kind.

A sport or hobby I’m passionate about: I’ve played basketball in a Saturday league with the same group of guys for a few years now. Prior to the pandemic we were on our way to winning a second championship—I can’t wait to get back on the court!

When I’m not at work: I’m trying to take advantage of NYC’s culture. Long ago I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t take New York for granted, and I try to visit a new museum, see a show, or experience a new restaurant at least once a month.

Samuel Kim
Corporate, Chicago

Samuel Kim

I became a lawyer because: It’s one of the few professions that satisfied my intellectual curiosity while having a real-world tangible impact. Before becoming a lawyer, I considered pursuing academia and becoming a professor, but I also wanted to have a career that allowed me to have an immediate “rubber meets road” type of impact, both of which are unique aspects of being a lawyer.

I like to work on: M&A, equity investment, transaction franchise, and outside general counsel matters. Each deal has its own set of challenges and issues, but “bridging the gap,” problem solving, and ultimately, achieving my client’s goals are the most rewarding aspects of my job.

An organization I’m a part of: I serve on the associate board of mHub, which is a hardware technology incubator. I also serve on the venture board of Lawrence Hall, a nonprofit that serves at-risk youth and their families in Chicago.

What most people know about me: Growing up, I lived in Russia right after the fall of Communism and attended three different high-schools—all in very different settings with the first being in a suburb of Dallas, Texas; the second being in Queens, New York; and the last being in Los Angeles. Walking into a new high-school cafeteria not knowing a soul was always tough, but suffice it to say, I learned how to make friends fast, which has served me well.

Damian Myers
Corporate—Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation, Washington DC

Damian Myers - Labor & Employment - Nixon Peabody LLP

I like to work on: Projects that involve advising clients on employee benefit cost-saving strategies that maximum value for employees and beneficiaries.

My most memorable moment as a lawyer: After about 3 or 4 years working in a law firm setting, I took advantage of a secondment opportunity with the legal department of a very large corporation. Although I was seconded for only a few months, the experience was very beneficial to my development as an attorney.

An organization I support: My wife and I are active in promoting awareness for ADNP syndrome and fundraising for ADNP Kids Research Foundation. Our son is one of about 300 kids worldwide (so far) diagnosed with ADNP syndrome, and current research efforts are leading to great things.

The last movie I watched: Sound of Metal—a great film and amazing performance by the lead actor.

Joshua Sharp
Government Investigations & White-Collar Defense, Boston

Joshua Sharp

I like to work on: I like working on cases that allow me to better understand my clients’ business and how I and my colleagues at Nixon Peabody can help our clients achieve their goals.

What I love most about Nixon Peabody: The people. I’m fortunate to work with some of most talented litigation and investigations attorneys in Boston. It’s a privilege to learn from them—and with them—every day.

What most people don’t know about me: My senior year of high school, I played the lead Sky Masterson in the musical Guys and Dolls.

The last movie I watched: Although I’m a little late, I just finished watching The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix.

Bradley Taub
Intellectual Property, Chicago

Bradley Taub

I became a lawyer because: I was originally in school, Purdue, for construction engineering and management. I like building things but realized that wasn’t going to be my career. I was introduced, by my dad, to some patent attorneys who shared all the cool things they were working on (like candy, toys, mechanical devices, etc.). Meeting those patent attorneys helped me decide to go into patent law. I like taking things a part, and a career as a patent attorney allowed me to use my engineering degree. 

What I love about Nixon Peabody: I love the ability to be yourself at Nixon Peabody. Nixon Peabody is a firm where a lot of different people from a variety of backgrounds, work styles, and personalities can work together.

Outside of my practice, I’m passionate about: Definitely my family—my wife and three kids. I’m very passionate about being with them: reading to my kids every day, watching Star Wars movies, building Legos, and being able to have dinner, together, every day.

When I’m not at work: I’m building Legos with my family. I’m a Lego collector; it’s a hobby that I get to share with the kids. I don’t want to be the dad that’s just doing Legos for their kids, I want to build them together. Right now, my 4-year old and I are building a pirate ship together—she’s having a lot of fun building with me!

Jade Turner-Bond
Project Finance & Public Finance, Los Angeles

Jade Turner-Bond

I became a lawyer because: I always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Well, as a kid in the 1st grade, there was a period where I wanted to become a limo driver or manager of a Kmart…my family is always so quick to remind me of that.

A long-term goal of mine: One thing near and dear to me is training, making sure people are trained and feel confident as they move toward the next level in their career. After all, it takes a village to raise an associate. I want to make sure we retain people here at Nixon Peabody, and that we continue with our diversity and inclusion efforts.

When I found out I made partner: I remember seeing Andrew Glincher’s name calling my phone and I screamed and then answered. Funny, I took a screenshot of the call. After we hung up, I called my mom and my dad on FaceTime and we really just enjoyed the moment. My partner, Elliott, and my parents are my biggest fans.

The last TV show or movie I watched: Black Art in the Absence of Light. This was a movie about Black Art in America. I have never really been into art or the Arts but since representing The Broad museum I’ve tried to understand art a little bit better. The movie was fantastic and made me appreciate the Arts a lot more.