Implications and issues stewards should avoid when managing university endowments

BY Michael J. Cooney

I was recently interviewed on the third and final higher education installment of the DiMeo Schneider & Associates podcast series by co-hosts Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis. I provided sage advice about endowments and the issues stewards should avoid when managing them, insight on nuances if you are thinking about greater spending or a draw-down, the state of endowment funds during the COVID-19 pandemic, what to consider when increasing draws from asset pools, whether or not to borrow or launch a capital campaign during the pandemic, what separates a good investment committee from a disjointed one, fundraising, and other topics.

If you are interested in hearing more, this link will take you to the full podcast: Higher Education and COVID-19: Part 3 — With Lawyer Michael Cooney

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Michael J. Cooney


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