Dolores Watson

Dolores Watson is the Managing Clerk for the Washington, D.C., office, with primary responsibility for case calendaring. She supports attorneys in a broad range of practice areas, including commercial litigation, real estate, labor, trademark and bankruptcy. She also helps implement training in new calendaring technology and procedures.

What do you focus on?

I calendar case deadlines across a broad range of practice areas and in diverse jurisdictions. The Washington office is unique in the scope of its practice, and my knowledge and training in the industry’s best rules-based technology is critical to my ability to provide coverage for the Washington office. Constant rule changes and jurisdictional differences in federal, state and local courts make it imperative for me to provide consistent, accurate support. I also provide assistance in training staff and attorneys in use of the technology and how it can enhance their practice. My docketing is further enhanced by my work as an integral part of the firm’s Managing Clerk team. I have developed a broader knowledge of firm practice areas and now provide support for complex litigation such as California asbestos cases. The team’s joint effort helps us maintain consistently high standards as we provide seamless coverage across the firm.

What do you see on the horizon?

Rules-based calendaring is an innovative area in the legal field. I work with my team to stay abreast of technological advances to ensure our clients receive the services they need.


Dolores Watson

Managing Clerk

Washington, DC

Phone: 202-585-8732

Fax: 202-513-8213

Hope College, B.A.

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