Shelly K. Wetherington

Shelly has over 15 years of paralegal experience in toxic tort litigation. She concentrates on defense of cases in a wide range of industries including automotive, industrial and commercial. Her involvement ranges from local casework to national counsel support of hundreds of cases.

What do you focus on?

I support the attorneys in my group by overseeing every case from inception to resolution, both in litigation practice and at a more behind-the-scenes client management/tracking level. I am the first point of contact with new cases coming in the door and the final player with coordination of the case resolution agreement between opposing counsel and the client.

My day-to day case work includes document review, drafting and management; however, my national counsel support leans more toward a general tracking of hundreds of cases in numerous states with periodic trend reports to the clients. I’m also involved in special projects requested by clients, which usually involve specific case-related research or statistical trending analysis.

Clients know they can call me at any time to find out the details of any case, or their entire caseload in general.

What do you see on the horizon?

I’m seeing a continued move toward streamlining processes and making the toxic tort practice more efficient. I’m taking advantage of new technologies to make our practice more productive and more efficient in order to reduce costs. Our local courts are joining in and taking steps toward efficiency with their adoption of e-service and e-filing.


Shelly K. Wetherington


San Francisco

Phone: 415-984-5075

Fax: 866-542-6538

Northern Michigan University, Marquette , B.A.

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