Power Plant Decommissioning, Demolition & Remediation

At Nixon Peabody, we build project-specific teams of attorneys and environmental technical professionals to guide clients through every phase of power plants’ complex decommissioning, demolition and remediation process. With precision and focus, we provide options, manage risks and achieve our clients’ objectives with fewer surprises.

The energy industry is changing.

Today, electricity generated with natural gas is significantly cheaper than that using coal, oil or nuclear fuel. And in some areas, alternative power plants are becoming cost competitive. This significant cost differential combined with stringent environmental requirements and a public preference for renewable electricity generation are causing power plants to shutter. When this happens, a cascade of legal consequences follows.

Fearing an outbreak of “zombie” power plants dotting their landscapes, localities and states are increasingly pushing for more prompt abatement and final disposition of closed plants.

Nixon Peabody is at the forefront of the industry covering all the issues that arise throughout the power plant decommissioning, decontamination and demolition process.

We support our clients from beginning to end. Our decades of work with power plants help us get the job done quickly and efficiently. Starting with strategic planning during decision-making stages, through pre-bid and bidding processes and into project design and implementation phases, our practical approach helps prevent potential costly pitfalls.

With experience ranging all facets of the industry, we don’t just manage risk, we find solutions.

We offer a strategic approach to:

  • Negotiation and drafting of owners’ engineer and project management contracts
  • Insurance/indemnification issues
  • Demolition and remediation agreements
  • Interconnection agreements
  • Joint venture/teaming and other contractor arrangements
  • Deconstructions vs. demolition
  • Integrating technical and legal specifications
  • Asset reclamation
  • Demolition salvage and pricing
  • Resolving litigation threats and contract disputes
  • Environmental impact reviews, permits and approvals
  • Local approvals and community outreach
  • Evaluating redevelopment options and tax incentives
  • Protecting remaining assets, including Emission Reduction Credits

We work with

  • Power plant owners
  • Energy companies
  • Developers
  • Consultants & engineers
  • Insurance companies

How new state laws will affect power plant closure costs

Law360 | June 05, 2019

Affordable Housing and Real Estate partner Bruce Baker and Senior Environmental Health Engineer Libby Ford, both of the Rochester office, co-wrote this contributed article on how state legislatures are addressing the future of decommissioned, coal-fired power plants.

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