How many law students does Nixon Peabody hire?
The firm’s hiring needs are evaluated each year to determine the size of our summer program. The firm is also committed to growing its practice areas through hiring entry-level associates.

Is Nixon Peabody’s summer program similar in size to other national firms?
The size of our summer program tends to be smaller than other national firms in metro markets, such as New York or Chicago. This provides law students with the benefit of directly interacting with a greater number of partners and associates, and allows the opportunity to work on more client projects than would be available with a larger class size.

Which offices hire law students?
The summer program is held in five offices: Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Rochester, NY; and Washington, DC.

Does the firm allow split summers?
As our program runs for eight weeks, we are unable to accommodate a split summer request.

What kind of work assignments do summer associates receive and how does the process work?
Work flow coordinators, who may be attorneys from different practice areas or members of the human resources team, coordinate work assignments for summer associates. Prior to the beginning of our summer program, we survey our incoming summer associates regarding their practice interests, allowing us to work toward soliciting assignments that are consistent with each summer associate’s preferences. Assignments may include research, document drafting, discovery requests and client letters. These assignments span across practice areas, and in many cases provide opportunities to attend client meetings and depositions, and make court appearances.

Will I have a mentor?
Partners and associates volunteer to mentor summer associates. Summer associates are paired with at least one mentor, who contacts their mentee before the summer associate arrives at the firm. Thereafter, mentors are generally available to assist with any questions that may arise during the summer.

Can I work on pro bono projects during the summer?
Yes, we have a dedicated pro bono partner, Stacey Slater, who oversees the firm's pro bono projects.

What type of feedback will I receive on assignments I complete?
The firm provides mid- and end-of summer evaluations. In addition, informal ongoing feedback from assigning attorneys, work flow coordinators, and mentors is encouraged and provided throughout the summer.

What types of training and education opportunities are provided during the summer?
We provide a weekly training series for summer associates that includes modules focused on legal writing, skills development, diversity initiatives, business development and marketing, law firm economics and tips for how to succeed as an associate at NP.

What kind of activities are there?
Summer associates are provided the opportunity to attend planned activities to get to know the people of the firm and the city in which they are working. Activities may include museum and gallery tours, concerts, attorney-hosted dinner parties, sporting events, impromptu gatherings, cooking classes, bowling nights and themed parties.

How is Nixon Peabody’s summer program different from other law firms?
We take direction directly from summer associates on how to improve the summer experience. We engage in ongoing dialogue with our summer associates throughout the program, and make adjustments in real time as needed. We also ask our summer associates to complete an anonymous survey ranking every aspect of our summer program, and use this information to further refine the program for the following year.

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