Work Assignments and Evaluations

Work Assignments

Summer associates receive broad exposure to all aspects of our legal practice. You can expect to assist attorneys in working with clients and may have the opportunity to attend a variety of professional activities, such as closings, seminars, depositions mediations and court hearings. In addition to formal training, you will take on real work assignments that include:

  • Drafting and negotiation sessions on transactional projects
  • Assisting with projects related to new reporting and disclosure
  • Attending depositions, court proceedings and client meetings
  • Researching appellate issues for oral argument

NP gives its summers (and associates) sophisticated national work from large clients. Its training is second to none. —Summer Associate, Rochester


We view the summer program as a learning opportunity for law students and an investment in future talent for the firm. That’s why we provide as much feedback as possible and encourage summer associates to share their feedback with us. Attorneys who assign and review projects take the time to evaluate your performance as assignments are completed. Formal reviews are provided midway into the program, and are great vehicles to let summer associates know how they are doing and where they can improve. Similarly, final evaluations are provided at the end of the program.

I was blown away by the thoughtful and thorough feedback I received on all my assignments—no matter how large or small the assignment. —Summer Associate, Rochester

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