TerraLex announces new leadership to Retail Industry Sector team

January 04, 2021

Director of Media Relations
Nicholas Braude

TerraLex, one of the largest global law firm networks covering 164 jurisdictions in 101 countries, has named Nixon Peabody Director of Global Strategies David Kaufman as co-leader of its Retail Industry Sector Team.

The retail environment has never been more competitive. Thanks to technological advancements, including social media, improved data collection, automation, and augmented reality, coupled with consumers’ ever-increasing desire for customization and convenience, disruption is the industry’s new normal. Whether goods and services are sold through a physical store, online, a mobile app, door-to-door, or any other medium, the TerraLex Retail Industry Team lawyers—recognized leaders in their home jurisdictions—have the agility and flexibility to help businesses thrive and grow.

“Globalization has changed the way lawyers deliver legal services,” said Kaufman. “Clients demand and should expect seamless service across time zones, borders, and languages. The TerraLex Retail Industry Sector Team delivers just that.”

Jeremy Drew, head of Commercial at RPC in London, co-leads the team with Nixon Peabody’s Kaufman. Both Kaufman and Drew possess great international experience and are lauded for their relationship building skills and deep understanding of client businesses.

As business needs grow globally, clients need an expanded support system. TerraLex offers access to rigorously vetted law firms from strategically resourced locations—ensuring strong legal advocates no matter how far and wide your business grows.

Click here to learn more about TerraLex’s Retail Industry Sector Team.

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