Stephen DuRie

Stephen DuRie is a paralegal in our Affordable Housing and Real Estate group, where he assists with all stages of Coop and Condo and real estate transactions.

What do you focus on?

I assist with all stages of Coop and Condo transactions, including submission and drafting of offering plans, amendments, and no-action letters to the attorney general; overseeing of all aspects of contracts and closings for cooperatives and condominiums; and overseeing of all aspects of title for cooperative and condominium closings. I also have experience in corporate maintenance and can assist with drafting corporate documents (i.e., bylaws, resolutions, certificates, etc.). In addition, part of my work includes a detailed review of each matter’s title and survey as well as coordinating any clearance matters as necessary.

What do you see on the horizon?

New York is still a growing city. Condominium and cooperative development is still on the incline, and we will see even more new projects in the outer boroughs and upstate. State and local governments are working together to examine outdated regulations and expand opportunities throughout the state for all income levels. I look forward to working on transactions that will make a positive impact on communities throughout the state and across the nation.


Stephen DuRie


New York

Phone: 212-493-6732

Fax: 212-940-3110

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