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Back to the future: The 11th Circuit returns to the 1880s to undo incentive fees in class actions

Class Action Alert | September 23, 2020

LIBOR is ending: Are you prepared for the transition?

Public Finance Blog | September 23, 2020

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act does not preempt biometric privacy claims brought by employees

Data Privacy Blog | September 23, 2020

Energy Insights: 45Q carbon capture insurance solutions

Energy Blog | September 22, 2020

NY federal judge rejects DOL rule regarding vertical joint employment under the FLSA

Employment Law Alert | September 22, 2020

Express yourself: Staying connected through art

Trending Blog | September 21, 2020

Higher education in transition: The framework driving affiliation activity

Trending Blog | September 21, 2020

Let’s Talk! A conversation with Kara Goldin, founder and CEO of Hint, Inc.

Trending Blog | September 18, 2020

[Video] Insurance solutions for 45Q carbon capture projects

Energy Blog | September 18, 2020

[Video] The role of debt in the Carbon Capture and Sequestration capital stack

Energy Blog | September 18, 2020

California expands paid sick leave

Employment Law Alert | September 17, 2020

SEC adopts rules to update statistical disclosures for banking registrants

Securities Law Alert | September 17, 2020

Significant changes to FFCRA: DOL redefines “health care provider” exception & clarifies intermittent leave for childcare purposes

Employment Law Alert | September 15, 2020

University fiduciary considerations in the time of COVID-19

Trending Blog | September 11, 2020

CDC issues eviction moratorium

Affordable Housing Blog | September 09, 2020

HUD proposes updates to post-M2M policies

Affordable Housing Alert | September 09, 2020

NP Connects: Brand building thought leadership

Trending Blog | September 08, 2020

A new era for the NP Alumni program

NP In Focus Blog | September 03, 2020

The California Privacy Rights Act — Is this really happening?

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Alert | September 02, 2020

CCPA continues to hit pause: B2B and employee provisions on hold for another year

Data Privacy Blog | September 02, 2020

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