Ilana Kameros

Ilana Kameros is a partner in Nixon Peabody’s Corporate Trust and Banking & Finance practice group. She represents corporate agency and trust groups in major banking institutions and trust companies in their roles as trustee, custodian, administrator and agent.

What do you focus on?

I assist clients as they navigate through new and complex deal structures, updating existing documents to reflect the changing environment for the new deals as well as with amendments to and issues arising from existing transactions. I work on various transactions, including public and private debt and pass-through offerings of asset backed securities, residential and commercial mortgage backed securities, CDO/CLO transactions, corporate debt issuances and collateral agency appointments. I also focus on a variety of custodial arrangements, including warehouse facilities, bi-party and tri-party custodial agreements, securitization transactions and bailee relationships.

What do you see on the horizon?

We have been following developing trends in corporate trust, as well as reviewing current litigation and proposed federal regulations in order to help best protect our clients in the changing environment and to comply with new final regulations.

Representative Experience

  • Represented trustee and agent on $2.5B issuance of commercial paper program backed by variable funding note.
  • Represented trustee and custodian in various transactions involving complex, multi-tiered grantor trust, REMIC trust and owner trust structures.
  • Represented trustee in series of resecuritization transactions guaranteed by a government agency.
  • Represented trustee in series of issuances of asset-backed securities issued by major auto issuer.

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Ilana Kameros


New York

Phone: 212-940-3089

Fax: 866-653-8722

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, J.D.

Brandeis University, M.A.

Brandeis University, B.A.

New York

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