Venture Capital

Overall returns of venture funds are largely driven by the winners. When you have discovered your next winner, there is fierce competition for the deal—or for smaller funds, to maximize allocation.

In this fiercely competitive, high-velocity environment, we strike a balance among rapid execution, return-optimizing terms, and your commitment to building resilient relationships with founders.

Our Approach

Our team is highly responsive and well-positioned to act quickly, so that you can capitalize on opportunities before the competition does. These are our guiding values for serving your needs:

Execution first. At their core, venture capitalists are explorers whose success depends on striking gold. Like modern-day treasure hunters, they seek out bold entrepreneurs who will create successful businesses, build products and services that tap into new and unmet needs, and, in some instances, create entirely new industries. Instead of traditional risk-adjusted calculations, great venture capitalists have a knack for finding extremely valuable but mispriced opportunities. Appreciating that these opportunities do not stay undiscovered for long, the best venture capitalists know that they must be decisive and strike quickly before the window of opportunity closes.

Trust and alignment. After you’ve identified an investment opportunity, forging a spirit of genuine partnership with the founding team is critical. Trust has to be earned and nourished from the beginning. That trust naturally develops with positive interactions between investor and entrepreneur, especially when transaction terms are viewed as fair and reasonable. The greater the alignment between investor and entrepreneur, the stronger the foundation for the company’s future growth.

Our Offerings

In addition to traditional venture capital financings, Nixon Peabody works with investors on a wide variety of deals:

  • Early Stage—We support all varieties of pre-seed, seed, and early-stage financings.
  • Growth Capital—Growth investors play a critical role in bridging technology companies to successful exits, whether a sale or an IPO. We serve this investor class by efficiently executing these transactions while considering the bespoke needs of later-stage investors.
  • Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)—CVCs play a critical role in investing in companies that significantly contribute to the overall mission of the organization, while also providing excellent investment returns. Our team appreciates that the dynamics of these investments are different than those made by traditional investors because they often include a commercial arrangement with the portfolio company. With a deep understanding of our CVC clients’ businesses, strategic objectives, and organizational constraints, we efficiently orchestrate all aspects of these transactions.
  • International Ventures—Cross-border transactions have their own set of unique challenges, and require the successful resolution of tax, regulatory, and comparative law challenges within a tight time frame. Our holistic approach to complex transactions and close working relationships with foreign law firms well-versed in global venture capital transactions enables us to execute these transactions smoothly.
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