Cross-Border Risks

Our team of former Department of Homeland Security officials, federal investigators, regulators, law enforcement executives, and government affairs professionals have the experience and critical insight needed to ensure clients in the U.S. and abroad manage risk and navigate complex cross-border challenges.

Our approach

Our team has decades of experience in the private and public sectors handling national security, immigration, and international criminal matters. Our attorneys served in senior leadership positions for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. We utilize these experiences to assist our clients in navigating complex cross-border criminal, regulatory, and immigration issues.

When government investigations occur, we tap into our years of international law enforcement cooperation in all parts of the world. We understand the inner workings of domestic and international investigatory and prosecutorial agencies and we leverage this vital insight to inform the appropriate course of action, strengthen our clients’ position, and quickly resolve the issue.

We routinely conduct due diligence investigations and provide valuable legal, regulatory, and reputational counsel to help our clients build strong programs, handle crises, and manage risk. Through extensive fieldwork, we’ve gained investigative techniques that help our clients navigate the challenging landscape of cross-border laws and regulations related to export, immigration, customs, employment, investments, and international trade.

Many of our matters arise at the intersection between criminal and immigration law. Our team is frequently engaged in complex immigration matters, including challenging visa denials and cancellations, defending individuals in removal proceedings, and securing individuals’ lawful entry and status in the United States. We frequently assist individuals seeking refuge in the United States and defend against efforts to extradite or restrict cross-border movement through international agencies like INTERPOL.

Our services

  • Defend against cross-border criminal allegations and multi-national investigations
  • Conduct due diligence investigations including both initial due diligence fact finding to identify areas of existing risk as well as ongoing due diligence monitoring to ensure that policies and procedures are mitigating risk adequately
  • Provide strategic advice and counsel on immigration compliance and visa programs for companies, individuals, and schools
  • Secure safe harbor for individuals combatting international allegations including defense against extradition, securing authorization to travel to the United States, combatting INTERPOL Red Notices, and litigating asylum issues
  • Assist clients in clearing allegations and securing de-listing from the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC)

We work with

  • Public and private corporations in all industries
  • International business executives
  • In-house legal counsel
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