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What’s trending on NP Privacy Partner

NP Privacy Partner | May 25, 2018

SCOTUS blesses no-class-action arbitration provisions: Franchisors take note

Franchise Alert | May 24, 2018

SEC charges municipal advisor with enforcement action, under powers of Dodd-Frank amendments, for misleading a school district issuer

Securities Litigation Alert | May 24, 2018

Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis: What a long strange trip it’s been (to uphold arbitration clauses and class action waivers in employment contracts).

Class Action Alert | May 23, 2018

House Energy and Commerce Health subcommittee passes telemedicine-related opioid bills

Health Care Alert | May 22, 2018

Crafting practical solutions with the changing landscape of Intellectual Property

May 21, 2018

District court rejects serial TCPA plaintiff’s “call to action,” “opts-out” of class action, and provides helpful roadmap for text message compliance

Class Action Alert | May 17, 2018

U.S. Supreme Court reverses Third Circuit and strikes down federal sports betting ban, opening the door for states to legalize

Gaming Law Alert | May 14, 2018

New Jersey Governor signs mandatory sick leave bill into law

Employment Law Alert | May 11, 2018

Reminder: Mandatory filing for foreign-owned companies in the U.S. due May 31, 2018

Private Equity and M&A Alert | May 10, 2018

New York City becomes the latest jurisdiction to enhance anti-sexual harassment laws

Employment Law Alert | May 10, 2018

New York court concludes university’s determination of dating violence was arbitrary and capricious

Higher Education Alert | May 10, 2018

California Supreme Court raises the bar for workers to be classified as independent contractors: what employers need to know

Employment Law Alert | May 09, 2018

Pro-competition Trends in IP Licensing 2018

Intellectual Property Alert | May 08, 2018

Franchisee Fraud: When fraud threatens a franchisor's good name

May 07, 2018

What’s trending on NP Privacy Partner

NP Privacy Partner | May 04, 2018

Replacing LIBOR: The Countdown to 2022

May 02, 2018

Fed OSHA suddenly reverses course and is now requiring electronic record submissions for employers in states with their own OSHA plans

OSHA Alert | May 02, 2018

What’s trending in Affordable Housing

NP Affordable Housing Blog | May 02, 2018

What’s trending on NP Trusts & Estates

NP Trusts & Estates Blog | May 02, 2018

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