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Charles R. Bernardini

Charles Bernardini concentrates on corporate and transactional matters, including mergers and acquisitions. He also assists clients in procurement and economic incentive negotiations with U.S. state and local governments. He served for 12 years in elected office in Chicago, on the Chicago City Council and the Cook County Board. In 2014, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano conferred upon him the title of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

What do you focus on?

I focus my practice on two primary areas, stemming from my experience in corporate law and as an elected official in local government in Chicago.

Transactions for corporate clients

I’ve represented clients ranging from large multinationals to small- and medium–sized businesses and from Maestro Andrea Bocelli to the Italian Consulate of Chicago (pro bono), on a wide variety of matters related to doing business in the United States and Italy, including:

  • M&A
  • Litigation
  • Corporate formation and tax planning
  • Arbitration
  • Contracts
  • State and local government economic incentives
  • Work visas and green cards

Government Relations

I regularly advise U.S. and foreign companies in their procurement activities with Chicago and its related entities. I’ve also represented clients in obtaining economic incentives from local and state governments in many U.S. cities, counties and states for their manufacturing or commercial investments.

What do you see on the horizon?

Italian manufacturers who had production in the USA prior to 2008 came out of that crisis sooner and stronger, because the US market came out sooner and stronger. I expect the same thing to occur after  COVID-19. It makes sense for Italian manufacturers to have production—or at least assembly and servicing—in the USA, to better serve and compete. To do so, Italian companies should understand the economic incentives offered by US state and local governments and the visa work rules for sending over Italians.

See Charles discuss his thoughts in further detail here. For a PDF from his presentation, click here.

Representative Experience

  • Government relations counseling and lobbying for Chicago City Council and executive branch approvals of procurement agreements with Chicago airports and city agencies
  • Special Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney for assisting 2nd largest county in the USA on real estate development projects
  • Successfully lobbied Chicago City Council for approval of long term leases and bonding authority at O’Hare International Airport for leading North American developer of airport cargo facilities
  • Special Assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County, Illinois, advising on public/private redevelopment of Cook County Hospital and on construction of a new Provident Hospital
  • Planning and formation of U.S. subsidiary for Italian manufacturer and supplier of auto components; assistance with strategy on negotiating economic incentives from local governments; advice on construction contract for new US factory; providing legal opinion to Italian bank lender
  • Acquisition of US distribution company by leading Italian and US manufacturer of porcelain and ceramic tiles
  • Acquisition of majority interest in US food distribution company by leading Italian producer of cold cuts and pre-sliced meat products
  • Acquisition, by leading Italian trade show owner and organizer, of USA trade show services and design solutions company
  • Acquisition, by leading Italian tourism and events company, of USA tour operator
  • Sale of Canadian arm of U.S. subsidiary of Italian industrial group to Canadian investors
  • Leading Italian manufacturer of industrial equipment, in the corporate and fiscal planning of a new U.S.A. production facility
  • An Italian private equity fund in the tax and corporate planning of a U.S. subsidiary for one of its portfolio companies, and ongoing legal representation of the subsidiary
  • Italian manufacturer in the merger of its U.S. subsidiaries and 401 (k) plans
  • Italian manufacturer of construction materials in a joint venture with a U.S. investor
  • Italian manufacturer in structuring U.S. loan portfolios and other corporate matters
  • Italian manufacturer of auto components in the tax and corporate structuring of a manufacturing subsidiary in Michigan
  • Italian manufacturer in negotiating and structuring of a production joint venture in Ohio that involved tax and corporate planning
  • Multinational Swiss-based company in commercial litigation in U.S. federal court in California, obtaining multimillion-dollar settlement, including settlement of claims in USA, Switzerland and Italy
  • U.S. subsidiary of Italian industrial group in successful prosecution of commercial lawsuit against Korean supplier; defense of patent lawsuit brought by a competitor; restructuring of USA bank financing; and employment agreements and visas with executives
  • Maestro Andrea Bocelli in the negotiation of performance and merchandise contracts in North America
  • Italian manufacturer in successful defense of a patent lawsuit in Texas and of the appeal in Washington DC
  • Leading Italian fashion company in obtaining a successful arbitration result before the AAA International Centre for Dispute Resolution in New York
  • One of Italy's largest industrial groups, counseling on interaction with city, state and federal U.S. governments
  • Leading Japanese manufacturer, negotiating the bidding and procurement practices of the City of Chicago and related agencies
  • Leading worldwide financial institution, regarding state and local government affairs in the USA
  • National transportation company in coordinating its Chicago governmental relations and zoning for the establishment of a distribution center in Chicago
  • Several national banking and insurance companies, regarding Illinois and Chicago governmental affairs counseling
  • U.S. manufacturers in structuring and negotiating European distribution contracts, under U.S. and EU antitrust laws
  • U.S. manufacturers in structuring and negotiating joint venture and cross-licensing agreements with EU companies
  • Several Italian manufacturers in lawsuits in Wisconsin and Illinois involving former executives
  • Several Italian manufacturers in obtaining successful litigation results in Wisconsin and Illinois involving non-competition clauses of former or current executives
  • Numerous industrial and commercial property owners in negotiating TIF incentives and redevelopment agreements with Chicago and suburban municipalities
  • Diverse European clients in identifying and negotiating economic incentives from state and local governments in the United States
  • National distribution company in a successful lawsuit against a competitor, alleging theft of trade secrets
  • Several European manufacturers in successfully defending patent infringement lawsuits in Texas and Illinois
  • European machine tool manufacturer in a successful defense of a commercial lawsuit in Minnesota. 
  • Several U.S. investors in tax and corporate planning and negotiation of professional sports franchises in Italy
  • European bankruptcy trustees in U.S. proceedings
  • Pro bono representation in the U.S.A. of the Porretta Terme Soul Music Festival
  • Counseling not-for-profit organizations on conducting internal ethics and disciplinary hearings and proceedings, and revising their internal rules and procedures

Government Experience

  • Alderman, 43rd Ward, City of Chicago (Elected), 1993-1999
  • Commissioner, Cook County Board (Elected), 1986-1992
  • Special Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney for Election Fraud, Office of State’s Attorney Richard M. Daley, 1981-1983
  • Legislative Assistant to the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, 1972-1974


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Big O'Hare cargo expansion back on track

Crain’s Chicago | January 25, 2021

This article on a project to expand Chicago O’Hare International Airport’s cargo space mentions Chicago Corporate partner Chuck Bernardini for representing the developer, Aeroterm. Chuck is also quoted for his outlook on this project as the first major project at the airport to be led by a Black-owned construction firm.

Nessun Luogo è Lontano

Radio 24 | January 08, 2021

This Italian radio segment features Nixon Peabody partner Charles Bernardini discussing U.S. legal and constitutional issues of removal of a president from office.

Ecco perché la democrazia Usa è a rischio. Parla l’avv. Bernardini | November 14, 2020

This article features an interview with Nixon Peabody partner, Charles Bernardini, regarding President Trump’s challenge to the 2020 presidential election results.

Radio 24 con Charles Bernardini

Sole 24 Ore Radio 24 | November 06, 2020

This Italian radio segment features Nixon Peabody partner Charles Bernardini discussing procedural steps involved in challenging the 2020 USA presidential election results.

SBA loan programs available to US companies including US subsidiaries of Italian companies

Econerre | March 24, 2020

Chicago Corporate partner Charles Bernardini wrote this contributed article for an Italian publication discussing which Italian subsidiaries in the United States may be eligible for disaster loans from the Small Business Administration.

Due convegni a Barisui rapport transatlantici tra Italia e Stati Uniti

Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno | September 13, 2019

This Italian publication mentions Chicago Corporate partner Chuck Bernardini’s September 24 speaking engagement at Bari Chamber of Commerce on “Opportunities in the U.S. Market.” Bari is a major international commercial hub in southern Italy.


Charles R. Bernardini



Phone: 312-977-4377

Fax: 844-552-3037

University of Illinois College of Law, J.D.

University of Illinois, B.S., Communications



  • AV Preeminent Attorney, Highest Possible Rating in Both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards, Martindale-Hubbell
  • Cittadino Onorario di Lizzano in Belvedere, 2015
  • Cavaliere Ufficiale all’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, conferita dal Presidente Giorgio Napolitano il 1 giugno 2014
  • Riconoscimento Speciale Contenzioso Brevetti, Intellectual Property 2013 Awards, by Milan, Italy, June 17, 2013
  • Excellence in Law Award, 2011, Italian Chamber of Commerce, Chicago
  • Leading Lawyer, Law Bulletin Publishing Company
  • Super Lawyer, Law & Politics Magazine
  • National Law Journal: Chicago's Top Lawyers
  • Founders Award, Illinois Eye Bank
  • Chiavi della Città, Porretta Terme 1999
  • Leslie and Rosalie Anixter Center Legislator of the Year award, 1995
  • IVI-IPO Glynn Sudberry award, 1988
  • IVI-IPO Legal Eagle award, 1982
  • Pro bono US Counsel, Porretta Soul Festival
  • Member, American Society of the Italian Legions of Merit
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, Representative for Illinois
  • Honorary Legal Advisor to Italian Consulate of Chicago
  • President, Italian Chamber of Commerce of Chicago, 2006-2009
  • President, Emilia-Romagna Association of Illinois
  • Consigliere, Associazione Internazionale Giuristi della Lingua Italiana
  • Associazione Nazionale Avvocati Italiani, Socio Onorario
  • Co-Chair, Finance Committee, Preckwinkle for President
  • Chairperson, Global Markets Committee, Illinois Economic Recovery Commission
  • Former State Chair, Independent Voters of Illinois
  • Former Chair, Advisory Council, Illinois Eye Bank

Charles shares his thoughts on opportunities for Italian companies in the U.S. market.

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