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AI and cannabis farming—A joint effort

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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence: Executive and congressional...

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Texas attorney general initiates biometric privacy enforcement...

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Trends to watch on 2022 Data Privacy Day

  • 01.27.22

    Putting The “AI” In AgrIculture

    John Deere unveiled the first ever self-driving tractor at CES, an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize the environment and navigate around it.

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  • 11.17.21

    Department of Homeland Security seeks public comment on AI and...

    While facial recognition technologies continue to create controversy and generate headlines—such as Facebook’s recent announcement that it will no longer deploy facial recognition and will delete more than a billion facial recognition templates—other uses of facial recognition appear poised for continued use long term.

    Category Privacy

  • 11.09.21

    Is this the end of facial recognition systems?

    While recent developments may suggest crackdowns on certain uses of facial recognition systems, these systems and the underlying technology are here to stay. Regulatory proposals governing facial recognition systems are forthcoming, and the issues surrounding this technology will remain relevant and widely debated.

    Category Artificial Intelligence

  • 08.10.21

    South Africa and Australia break from U.S. and U.K. to give...

    The questions of whether artificial intelligence machines (AI) should be afforded intellectual property rights and whether AI machines can qualify as an inventor continue to be explored. Recently South Africa became the first country to grant a patent for an invention conceived by AI, and Australia became the first country to have a federal judge rule that inventions developed by AI can quality for patent protection.

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