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Meet Our 2020 Partner Class

wealth management
Data Privacy


SAMHSA announces proposed revisions to Part 2 confidentiality...

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Affordable Housing


HUD Issues New NSPIRE Demo Notice

wealth management
Data Privacy


Cyberattacks on construction companies: Why construction...

  • 05.01.17

    Will President Trump’s tax plan eliminate the carried interest...

    President Donald Trump vowed on the campaign trail to eliminate what he characterized as the “carried interest loophole” by changing tax laws so that carried interest would be taxed at the ordinary income tax rate instead of the capital gains tax rate; however, the Trump administration has not given any indication as to how they want to deal with this change through legislation.

    Category Private Equity

  • 03.15.17

    Privacy breaches by contractors

    When analyzing responsibility and liability in breaches by contractors, the Privacy Act applies to federal government contractors who handle records and systems containing personal information.

    Category Data Privacy