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New OCR enforcement actions emphasize continued focus on HIPAA...

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Web Scraping: What businesses need to know

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Transgender student rights under Title IX – The still evolving...

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Spring 2022 employee benefits briefing

  • 03.22.22

    Professor sues to uncover identity of cheating students who...

    A professor at Chapman University, apparently determined to show that cheaters never prosper, has upped the ante, using litigation to uncover the identity of the person (or persons) who posted a copy of his prior examinations on a website called Course Hero, a site used by students to share lecture notes, syllabuses, and other course-related materials.

    Category Cybersecurity

  • 12.23.21

    Meta attempts to stop scraping of Instagram user data

    On Monday, December 20, Meta (f/k/a Facebook) filed a complaint in the Northern District of California against Social Data Trading Ltd. The crux of the issue, according to Meta, is that Social Data scrapes data without permission from accounts on websites such as Instagram (which is owned by Meta) and other popular sites.

    Category Privacy