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Texas attorney general initiates biometric privacy enforcement...

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Trends to watch on 2022 Data Privacy Day

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Numbers, numbers, numbers — 2022

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Cybersecurity awareness: The next Olympic sport?

  • 12.23.21

    Meta attempts to stop scraping of Instagram user data

    On Monday, December 20, Meta (f/k/a Facebook) filed a complaint in the Northern District of California against Social Data Trading Ltd. The crux of the issue, according to Meta, is that Social Data scrapes data without permission from accounts on websites such as Instagram (which is owned by Meta) and other popular sites.

    Category Privacy

  • 12.07.21

    Add to cart: Selling groceries in a digital age

    The global pandemic has changed much about our lives, including how we shop for food. One of the biggest changes, and one that is likely here to stay, is the sharp increase in online grocery shopping. As shoppers continue to navigate apps instead of aisles, food brands will have to lean into innovative ways to publicize their products.

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  • 11.09.21

    Is this the end of facial recognition systems?

    While recent developments may suggest crackdowns on certain uses of facial recognition systems, these systems and the underlying technology are here to stay. Regulatory proposals governing facial recognition systems are forthcoming, and the issues surrounding this technology will remain relevant and widely debated.

    Category Artificial Intelligence