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Affordable Housing


REAC inspections to resume, prioritizing localities at lowest...

Affordable Housing


HUD HQ Updates RCS Waiver Policy

Affordable Housing


HUD issues PIH SLR guidance

Affordable Housing


At NAHRO Conference, Sec. Carson calls for less regulation;...

  • 03.31.15

    HUD Issues Long-Awaited Notice on Transfers

    Today was a great day for America -- Or at least for owners of obsolete HUD projects that need to transfer their current use restrictions or HUD-related loans to a new project. HUD published a long-awaited Federal Register notice providing guidance on how HUD will process and approve these requests. ...

    Category Affordable Housing

  • 11.03.14

    Will HUD's new Notice on HAP Transfers Amount to a New...

    HUD recently released a Notice detailing a policy for transferring Section 8 subsidy. The policy allows for HAP transfers. It may also effectively allow HUD and owners to revive HAP contracts that otherwise would have expired through an owner’s opt-out. The policy would permit creation of new project-based HAP contracts at properties that currently do not participate in the Section 8 program, and the expansion of existing HAP contracts on partially assisted properties to cover additional units. However, there are serious limitations involved that may make this tool difficult to use in practice.

    Category Affordable Housing