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Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in the Billion-Dollar World of Virtual Gaming | January 23, 2018

Los Angeles commercial litigation associate Brianna Howard weighs in on new patent questions arising at the intersection of virtual reality and esports—two rapidly growing industries.

Click here for the TechCrunch virtual gaming article.


Modern Healthcare | January 01, 2018

In this round-up of health care industry predictions for 2018, Chicago health care partner Valerie Montague provides an outlook on the future of cybersecurity in health care.

Three shady—and all too common—things that digital health startups do to make money

CNBC | November 19, 2017

Los Angeles health care partner Jill Gordon, who this article identifies as a “top lawyer” in the digital health space, provides in-depth commentary regarding the three common practices she’s seen among health technology startups that may violate medical regulations and what companies should be aware of to avoid costly penalties.

3 law firms with their own riff on the Mansfield Rule

Law360 | October 27, 2017

This article about law firm’s efforts to improve diversity through variations of the Mansfield Rule quotes diversity and inclusion manager Rekha Chiruvolu on Nixon Peabody’s recruiting initiative that requires at least 20 percent of all lateral candidates to be diverse.

Here are some of the legal implications of virtual reality in esports

Forbes | October 24, 2017

Los Angles commercial litigation associate Brianna Howard is featured in this Q&A about the legal implications of incorporating virtual reality and other new technologies into the esports industry, specifically intellectual property rights.

What’s in a name? Choosing and protecting your esports brand | October 23, 2017

Rochester IP counseling and transactions associate Colleen Raimond authored this article about how esports players and teams can create and protect their brands.

Autonomous vehicles will change cities landscapes. Here’s how.

Forbes | October 20, 2017

Los Angeles real estate partner Justin Thompson and associate Garth Bostic authored this article about how the emergence of autonomous vehicles will impact cities, regulations and driving habits.

Department of Education withdraws Obama-era Title IX Guidance

Rochester Business Journal | October 20, 2017

Rochester private equity and investment funds partner Jeremy Wolk authored this column about the Department of Education’s recent decision to withdraw of Obama-era Title IX guidance.

Preventative discrimination training should be ongoing

Rochester Business Journal | October 20, 2017

Rochester labor and employment partner Stephanie Caffera and manager of diversity and inclusion Rekha Chiruvolu were quoted in this special report regarding why employers should provide preventative discrimination training in the workplace.

ACLU takes legal action defending rights of Maryland transgender students

LGBT Weekly | October 20, 2017

This article mentions Washington DC commercial litigation attorneys John Hayes, Brian Whittaker and Kenneth Nichols for serving as counsel on the motion to intervene in a pending lawsuit against the Frederick County School Board and its policies to prevent discrimination against transgender students in the school system.

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