Rudy S. Salo

Rudy Salo works with lenders, borrowers and underwriters on a broad range of public projects financed by tax-exempt and taxable debt. He advises clients on public offerings and direct lending/privately placed debt serving as lender’s/bank, bond, disclosure, underwriter’s or borrower’s counsel.

What do you focus on?

Commercial Lending

I have significant experience representing commercial banks in providing credit and liquidity facilities in support of tax-exempt and taxable municipal securities, as well as representing those banks in the direct purchase of privately placed debt and the negotiation of revolving credit agreements and other lending solutions. I also advise on the various real estate issues that arise in connection with transactions that use real estate as collateral. I have represented numerous banks throughout the country in such transactions, including in California, New York, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon and New Mexico.

Education Financing

I have significant experience in both short- and long-term financings for school districts, community college districts, private schools and universities throughout the country. These financings include serving as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel, disclosure counsel and lender’s counsel in the issuance of general obligation and revenue bonds as well as direct placements/loans.


My work also involves financings related to transportation, including significant experience in funding transportation projects. These projects include serving as disclosure counsel to the State of Nevada in connection with its highway revenue bonds; the financing of the extension of the 91 Express Lanes into Riverside County, California; the Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s Orange Line extension to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport; the renovation of the City of Denver’s Union Station; the financial restructuring of the South Bay Expressway (State Road 125) toll road in Southern California upon its emergence from bankruptcy; and the sale and financing of the sale of State Road 125 to the San Diego Association of Governments. I also have served as underwriter’s and bank counsel on several sales tax-backed deals throughout California.

What do you see on the horizon?

I see changes needed in how to finance transportation projects throughout the country, including the infrastructure needed to accommodate driverless car technology. I also see continuing opportunities for municipalities and nonprofits to combine a variety of private, local, statewide and federal funding revenues to progress various public improvement projects, including the expansion of the use of revolving credit agreements in short-term financings.


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Rudy S. Salo


Los Angeles

Phone: 213-629-6069

Fax: 866-817-1940

Georgetown University Law Center, J.D.

University of California, Los Angeles, B.A., magna cum laude




Rudy Salo is a member of the National Association of Bond Lawyers, the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

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