Labor Relations

We anticipate and help employers resolve labor relations issues that stand in the way of doing business.

Our approach

Emotionally charged, highly visible and almost always economically significant, labor relations continue to redefine the employee-management relationship.

Despite declines in the union movement, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) continues to tilt in labor’s favor, expanding the definition of legally protected activity and making it easier to organize. Unions are trying new tactics to rebuild membership and power, including social media and PR smear campaigns. And they frequently scrutinize employer policies and try to use the NLRB and government agencies to access union-free workplaces.

Every industry has different workforce needs. Our experience across sectors allows us to anticipate and prepare you for potential labor issues. Whether you have a unionized or union-free workforce, we strategize with you to minimize the impact of labor relations issues such as:

  • Union organizing
  • Other protected concerted activity
  • NLRB charges and related litigation
  • Collective bargaining negotiations
  • Contract arbitrations
  • Work stoppages
  • Picketing

We take a balanced approach—combining negotiation, conciliation and, when appropriate, aggressive representation. We have served as lead negotiators in collective bargaining opposite some of the largest and most aggressive labor unions in North America. Our job is to help our clients meet their business goals without compromising employee loyalty, enthusiasm or productivity.

Who we work with

  • Employers with union and non-union employees—particularly in the private sector
  • Deep focus on health care, hospitality, distribution, transportation, manufacturing and construction industries

Collective bargaining agreement allows court action before arbitration

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin | June 19, 2017

Chicago labor and employment partner Frank Saibert authored this column about Vega v. New Forest Home Cemetery LLC, involving a seasonal employee’s alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standars Act and the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act.

Court of Appeals slaps labor board over employee interrogation rights

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin | May 22, 2017

Chicago labor and employment partner Frank Saibert authored this column about a recent unanimous decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit that reversed a National Labor Relations Board ruling regarding employee rights during an interrogation by an employer.

Tipped workers seek full minimum wage

SHRM | May 19, 2017

Los Angeles labor and employment associate Alicia Anderson is quoted in this article about a case involving restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Inc.’s employees’ fight for full minimum wage for non-tipped work.

Employers take care—it’s May Day

HRE Daily | May 01, 2017

Providence labor and employment partner Andrew Prescott is mentioned in this article about employees’ rights around International Workers Day demonstrations.

Labor board finds company comments too quid pro quo for its liking

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin | April 24, 2017

Chicago labor and employment partner Frank Saibert contributed this article about a case involving an employer’s misleading comments about possible pay raises if employees voted against a labor union.

NLRB allows a ‘do-over’ after ALJ error

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin | March 22, 2017

Chicago labor and employment partner Frank Saibert authored this column about developments in a case involving the National Labor Relations Board and a union discharge.

Two-fisted union boycott campaign finds clear labor act violations

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin | January 11, 2017

Chicago labor and employment partner Frank Saibert authored this column about a lawsuit resulting from a labor union’s boycott against a hotel and casino in Chicago.

NLRB 1964 Civil Rights Act bump heads

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin | December 15, 2016

Chicago labor and employment partner Frank Saibert authored this column that discusses an ongoing litigation between Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. and the National Labor Relations Board. The dispute is over whether Cooper violated the National Labor Relations Act by firing an employee who yelled racist comments at a temporary worker who crossed the union’s picket line during a lockout.

Here's how labor and employment might change under Trump

Fast Company | November 11, 2016

Providence Labor & Employment partner and office managing partner Andrew Prescott is quoted discussing how President-elect Trump may reshape the National Labor Relations Board and the ways it could affect employers.

5 employer lessons from NLRB's Chipotle decision

Law360 | October 19, 2016

Providence office managing partner and Labor & Employment partner Andrew B. Prescott, and Labor & Employment associate Jessica Jewell, guest authored this column about important guidance for employers in light of the National Labor Relation Board’s recent decision regarding several Chipotle employment policies.

Even non-violent labor act crosses line

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin | October 11, 2016

Chicago Labor & Employment partner Frank Saibert authored this column that focuses on strikers and exceptions to protections under the National Labor Relations Act when they engage in misconduct.

Delayed request kills NLRB injunction bid

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin | December 14, 2015

Chicago Labor & Employment partner Frank Saibert authored this column discussing the National Labor Relations Act’s Section 10(j) allowing federal district courts, at the National Labor Relations Board’s request, to grant temporary injunctions pending the board’s resolution of unfair labor practice charges. Click here to read the full article.

NLRB must address conflicting laws in failure to bargain case

Reuters Legal | July 07, 2015

This coverage notes the DC Circuit’s unanimous decision that the National Labor Relations Board failed to do its job of reconciling conflicting labor laws and must revisit a matter involving Children’s Hospital and Research Center of Oakland. Labor & Employment associate Matt Frankel is noted as the hospital’s counsel.

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