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DOE rolls out new electric infrastructure funding for Tribes

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Illinois college closes its doors following ransomware attack

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Gynecologist liable for transmitting patient records to a Court

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The list grows: Connecticut is the fifth state to enact a...

  • 04.07.22

    Hacker’s CFAA “without authorization” defense rejected

    Last year, the Supreme Court narrowed the scope of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”). In that case, the Court considered whether a police officer who used his valid credentials to access a police database for a nefarious purpose had “exceeded authorized access” under the CFAA. The Court determined that he had not, as his use of police-provided access credentials made his access authorized, even if the ultimate use of the data he accessed was improper.

    Category Cybersecurity

  • 03.22.22

    Professor sues to uncover identity of cheating students who...

    A professor at Chapman University, apparently determined to show that cheaters never prosper, has upped the ante, using litigation to uncover the identity of the person (or persons) who posted a copy of his prior examinations on a website called Course Hero, a site used by students to share lecture notes, syllabuses, and other course-related materials.

    Category Cybersecurity

  • 03.17.22

    The March Madness of cybersecurity

    Cybercriminals use sporting events that appeal to the masses, such as March Madness and the Super Bowl, to target the increased crowds in hopes that a percentage of them will overlook all of the online red flags, good practices, and diligence that people (hopefully) otherwise practice.

    Category Cybersecurity

  • 03.15.22

    SaaS users need to implement adequate configuration checks and...

    As recently reported by AppOmni, a SaaS security provider, 70% of the ServiceNow instances that AppOmni tested showed a configuration error in the ServiceNow SaaS platform that left sensitive data (including personally identifiable information) accessible to unauthorized users on the Internet.

    Category Cybersecurity