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Emerging trend: Food and beverage industry joins forces with...

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SPACs: Considerations and benefits

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Tim Wu joins the National Economic Council

  • 03.03.21

    Privacy by design—opportunity or roadblock?

    As the U.S. continues to play catch up with Europe in terms of privacy regulation, it is worth looking at the direction Europe has taken—particularly, Europe’s embrace of “privacy by design” in its landmark General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Is the U.S. finally ready to embrace a right to privacy of personal data? And will U.S. businesses make “privacy by design” a business priority?

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  • 10.21.20

    How emerging technologies are impacting retailers, product...

    NP Connects brings together leaders from a variety of backgrounds to share real-time perspectives on the deal-making landscape. In this episode, learn how emerging AI and blockchain technologies are impacting retailers, consumer product manufacturers and investors as they look for ways to improve efficiencies, comply with more stringent regulations, and drive profitability.

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