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Federal Trade Commission held workshop addressing data...

wealth management


[Video] The role of debt in the Carbon Capture and...

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A new era for the NP Alumni program

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Planning for a potential change in the White House and Congress

  • 10.04.19

    Are You Prepared for a Data Incident? Plan Ahead to Allow for...

    A robust incident response plan can save valuable time and resources when a data incident arises. While the specifics of this plan will vary based on the size and operations of your organization, the goal is to provide an organized approach to handle incidents related to your confidential information and information security systems. The incident response plan should be broad enough to cover threats to both electronic information and hard copy documents.

    Category Data Privacy

  • 10.01.19

    Adverts or badverts: The difference, though important, may be...

    A “badvert” is a false advertisement that has been coded to redirect the user to malicious content. Known as maladvertising in the infosecurity community, badverts generate revenue for the attacker by redirecting the user to a page that delivers genuine advertisements that the coders behind the original, legitimate advertisement did not otherwise intend the user to see.

    Category Data Privacy