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Newspaper publisher settles TCPA class action for $1.7 million

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STIR/SHAKEN goes live: Can we say goodbye to robocalls?

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IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2021: TCPA compliance after SCOTUS...

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Text- and tele-marketing following SCOTUS’ TCPA ruling in...

  • 10.01.19

    The fight against robocalls

    In 2018, in the United States alone, there were 47.8 billion robocalls, an increase of 56.8% over 2017. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) receives 200,000 complaints each year reporting robocalls—the largest consumer complaint that the agency deals with regularly. As such, the FCC has made combatting unlawful robocalls and Caller ID spoofing its top consumer protection priority.

    Category Privacy

  • 08.22.19

    HUD Issues New NSPIRE Demo Notice

    HUD recently published a new notice, seeking public comment, for its new multifamily property physical inspection protocol known as NSPIRE--National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate.

    Category Affordable Housing

  • 12.05.18

    Two new Senate bills take aim at unsolicited robocalls

    Recognizing the failure of the TCPA to curb the growth of unsolicited robocalls, Senators in November proposed two separate bills—the REAL PEACE Act and the TRACED Act–which both aim to give regulators more power to stop robocallers.

    Category TCPA

  • 11.16.18

    SCOTUS will hear case regarding whether lower courts are bound...

    The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision to grant review of a Telephone Consumer Protection Act class action could have major ramifications for how lower courts interpret the statute going forward. The Court will decide whether lower courts are bound to follow the Federal Communications Commission’s (“FCC”) interpretation of key terms in the statute (terms such as “advertisement”), or whether the lower courts are free to apply their own understanding of the “plain meaning” of the statutory language without regard to whether their interpretation may conflict with the FCC’s interpretation. In short, the FCC’s role as the primary interpreter of the TCPA may be in jeopardy.

    Category TCPA