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How did we get here? A background on social impact investing

Real Estate


What is impact investing?

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DC Height Limit Debate Escalates

Affordable Housing


Blight Removal and Shrinking Cities: Are We Repeating Past...

  • 11.20.13

    What’s the latest in the fight over DC’s building height...

    Washington, DC, defined by the absence of tall buildings, its walkability and abundant historic building stock, took a major step back from any changes to its height limit yesterday when the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) voted 7-3 to retain the century old height limit on buildings in the District of Columbia. Click to read the full post.

    Category Affordable Housing

  • 04.09.13

    How Can Historic Post Offices Be Reused?

    <IMG style="MARGIN: 10px; float: right;" alt="Photo" align="top" src="" width="140px">Recent and planned dispositions of historic U.S. Post Office buildings present a ready stock of historically significant structures ripe for redevelopment using federal historic tax credits.

    Category Affordable Housing

  • 03.22.13

    NPS Reviews Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program

    <IMG style="MARGIN: 10px; FLOAT: right" alt=Photo align=right src="" width=175>The National Park Service (NPS) released results of an internal review of its Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program designed to improve the program and increase its use in economically depressed areas. See a summary of the action items and a link to the full report.

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