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Affordable Housing


Update: HUD rules for reasonable accommodations for assistance...

Affordable Housing


COVID-19 Updates for the Affordable Housing Industry (Webinar...

Affordable Housing


Housing accessibility claims come to the internet

Affordable Housing


HUD Releases Proposal to Overhaul Disparate Impact Rule

  • 05.01.17

    New Supreme Court decision widens class of potential plaintiffs...

    The Supreme Court today issued a decision in Bank of America Co. v. City of Miami, that authorizes courts to broadly apply the concept of an “aggrieved party” under the Fair Housing Act, while directing lower courts to examine on remand whether the alleged injuries – including increased foreclosures and reduced tax collections – were proximately caused by the banks’ alleged predatory lending practices. The attached article discusses the decision and its implications.

    Category Affordable Housing

  • 11.23.16

    HUD issues new RAD fair housing, relocation guidance

    HUD issued Notice H 20-16-17/PIH 2016-17 (HA), with new guidance on fair housing, civil rights and relocation issues in the Rental Assistance Demonstration (“RAD”) program – one of HUD’s most significant housing preservation initiatives in recent years. The Notice was reported at 81 Fed. Reg. 79514.

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  • 09.30.16

    HUD finalizes “Equal Access Rule” for CPD programs

    It's been a busy couple of weeks for HUD's fair housing agenda. In this third blog post discussing new regulations and guidance, we focus on HUD's recent modifications to its Equal Access Rule that address the needs of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals in shelters and other emergency housing situations.

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