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Data Privacy


Vermont sues Clearview AI under state data broker law

Data Privacy


Broadband industry challenges Maine privacy law in First...

Data Privacy


U.K. data regulator issues first fine under the GDPR

Data Privacy


U.S. Encryption Debate Sparks Questions at the European...

  • 11.21.19

    Massachusetts District Court halts “suspicionless” searches of...

    Although the court stopped short of requiring border officials to obtain a warrant supported by probable cause prior to searching smartphones and laptops, its decision is being hailed as a major victory by privacy rights advocates. The ruling will serve as an important check on the rising number of electronic device searches conducted at the border each year.

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  • 10.31.19

    FTC settles first-of–its-kind stalker app case

    On October 22, 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) settled its case against a Florida company, Retina-X Studios, LLC and its owner, James N. Johns, Jr. (“Johns”). The company sold “stalkerware” that allowed people to tap into others’ phones and track their calls, texts, photos, physical movements, and browser history.

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  • 10.31.19

    Ubisoft sues Dutch 17-year-old over video game cheats

    Video game publisher Ubisoft, Inc. (Ubisoft) claims Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violations, interference in contractual relations, and unfair competition against a Dutch 17-year-old and his mother. The complaint alleges that the defendants produced and distributed “cheat” software for Ubisoft’s online multiplayer game Rainbow Six: Siege.

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