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Affordable Housing


Affordable housing and real estate update

Affordable Housing


Affordable housing: The year ahead

Affordable Housing


Affordable housing and real estate year-end update

Affordable Housing


Rolling Back Davis-Bacon Wage Requirements?

  • 10.31.16

    HUD publishes notice implementing LIHPRHA distribution changes

    Last week, HUD issued a Notice implementing changes that allow owners of LIHPRHA developments to access residual receipts and eliminate limitations on distributions. Read to learn more about the Notice and the procedures and requirements owners must follow in order to receive an amended LIHPRHA Use Agreement.

    Category Affordable Housing

  • 10.03.16

    Congress passes stop-gap funding

    Last week, the House and Senate voted to fund the federal government through December 9, 2016. The short-term measure includes full-year appropriations for some programs, while others remain funded at the 2016 levels.

    Category Affordable Housing

  • 12.11.14

    House Proposal Provides RAD Extensions

    The House's FY 2015 Omnibus bill contains extensions for both RAD1 (public housing and mod rehab) through 2018 (and increases the number of units from 60,000 to 185,000), and RAD2 (RAP, Rent Supp, Mod Rehab).

    Category Affordable Housing

  • 12.11.14

    FY 2015 CR Omnibus Released by House

    Late last evening the House of Representatives made public the Omnibus Appropriations legislation for fiscal year 2015 which began October 1st. The federal government has been operating under a short term funding measure which expires midnight December 11th.

    Category Affordable Housing

  • 06.10.14

    RAD: HUD Wins Big in Senate

    After getting shut out in the House of Representatives, the Senate Appropriations Committee provided HUD (and the affordable housing industry) with its wish list of improvements to the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program in last week’s markup of the FY 2015 HUD Appropriations Bill, S. 2438 (Report No. 113-182). See what provisions were included.

    Category Affordable Housing