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In our new season, each episode of To Live and Law in LA will feature lively conversations with guests about the innovations, industries, and laws impacting our city and shaping its future.

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Patrolling Skid Row
To Live & Law in LA - Season 2, Episode 9 | December 19, 2018
In our Season 2 finale, and the first episode in what will be an ongoing discussion on the city’s homelessness crisis, we talk with LAPD Officer Deon Joseph about the 20 years he has spent patrolling one of the most notorious homeless communities in the world: Los Angeles’ Skid Row. Hosted by Nixon Peabody attorneys Jade Turner-Bond and Shannon Egan.

Hip-Hop’s Diversity Issue
To Live & Law in LA - Season 2, Episode 8 | December 12, 2018
Nixon Peabody entertainment partner and Billboard Top Music Lawyer Julian Petty talks about the lack of diverse legal representation in the hip-hop industry, why he made the switch from aspiring rapper to lawyer, and his background representing some of the biggest names in the business, including Childish Gambino and the Estate of the Notorious B.I.G. Hosted by Nixon Peabody attorneys Jade Turner-Bond and Neal Gauger.

The Future is Female
To Live & Law in LA - Season 2, Episode 7 | December 5, 2018
California’s new law, SB 826, requires every publicly traded company in California to have at least one woman on a board. This is the first law of its kind in the nation and has come with fanfare as well as controversy. We discuss SB 826 with Megan Sette and Miki Reynolds, heads of Grid 110, a downtown Los Angeles startup accelerator with a graduation rate of more than 50% women founders. Hosted by Jade Turner-Bond and Shannon Egan.

To Live & Law in LA - Season 2, Episode 6 | November 28, 2018
We put out a call for questions, and you came through in a big way! In this off-format episode, hosts and Nixon Peabody attorneys Jade Turner-Bond, Aaron Brian, Neal Gauger, and Shannon Egan discuss everything from the state of the Supreme Court to whether it’s best to own a dragon or be one. Tune in to get to know the law and your hosts in a whole new way.

Buses, Autonomous Vehicles, and Scooters…Oh My!
To Live & Law in LA - Season 2, Episode 5 | November 14, 2018
Autonomous vehicles and scooters are all the rage in mobility, but how will this transportation revolution impact our already our struggling Los Angeles public transit system and the communities that rely on it? To find out, we talk with Nixon Peabody partners Bryan LeRoy and Rudy Salo, members of the firm’s Mobility and Autonomous Vehicles Initiative. Nixon Peabody attorneys Neal Gauger and Aaron Brian will host the discussion.

3D bio-printing
To Live & Law in LA - Season 2, Episode 4 | November 7, 2018
Within five years we will have cured heart disease—at least that’s what Steven Morris, the CEO of BioLife4D, hopes. Using a cardiac tissue regeneration and organ replacement process, BIOLIFE4D plans to essentially 3D-print a human heart. Steven and Nixon Peabody attorney Erik Birkeneder join us to discuss the technology and the possibility of it being leveraged to address numerous other medical challenges. Hosted by Neal Gauger and Shannon Egan.

The Next Wild West
To Live & Law in LA - Season 2, Episode 3 | October 31, 2018
Internet personality and make-up artist James Charles and NP partner Ellie Altshuler discuss navigating the growing multibillion-dollar social influencer industry. James, who made history as the first CoverGirl male spokesmodel, has a combined 18 million social media followers on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Inside an immigrant detainee camp
To Live & Law in LA - Season 2, Episode 2 | October 17, 2018
In this episode, co-host Neal Gauger talks about his day volunteering with the ACLU inside a federal prison outside Los Angeles, where he and others sought to help asylum seekers being held in inhumane conditions.

A look into the future
To Live & Law in LA - Season 2, Episode 1 | October 17, 2018
We speak with Wall Street Journal legal reporter Sara Randazzo and NP partners Justin Thompson and Jill Gordon about diversity initiatives, technological disruptions, and the future of the legal industry.

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