Data Security & Breach Response

We offer prompt and efficient data breach response and clear practical guidance in the face of complex regulatory requirements and negative brand reputation.

Our approach

The compromise of confidential customer, patient or employee information can have a serious impact on your company’s reputation and finances and has serious consequences for those whose privacy is violated.

We take the stress out of the situation. Our team helps clients protect their data long before an incident occurs, plan for situations beyond their control and respond quickly and appropriately to data breaches.

We have the systems and assets already in place that make the difference between a scramble and an efficient and compliant response. We manage media responses and coordinate with trusted vendors who provide high-volume breach notification, call center functions, credit monitoring, forensic analysis and remediation efforts. Our team also provides step-by-step navigation of any litigation or government investigation.

The combination of many well-meaning federal and individual state laws means increasingly complex requirements for data security, data breach notification and data destruction/disposal. We clarify your compliance needs, analyze your risk of data breach, evaluate your existing privacy policies and practices, train employees and help you put best-practice procedures into action.

Who we work with

  • Companies at any stage of data theft or loss, whether intentional or accidental, including victims of hacking, disgruntled or careless employees and natural disasters
  • All businesses, organizations and government entities that collect, transmit or store sensitive or personally identifiable information
  • All industries including technology, health care, finance, infrastructure, defense, energy, big data, social media, data storage and professional services
  • Health care providers, business associates and others impacted by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH)
  • Law firms, accounting firms and other professional advisors working with sensitive client information


  • Recognized by Chambers USA as a nationwide leader in the Field of Privacy Law

Recent experience

  • Provided emergency response and strategy for numerous clients following the theft or loss of large amounts of sensitive information
  • Represented multiple companies in incidents involving misdirected e-mails containing personal information and requiring notification under state law
  • Represented several manufacturers, food service companies and service providers in data breach response
  • Helped a large corporation respond to a hacking incident
  • Helped various companies address the theft of personal information by employees
  • Provide ongoing counseling to various areas of the health care industry, helping with security risk assessments following an unauthorized access, use or disclosure of data and helping determine whether notification is required under state and federal breach notification regulations

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