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Laying Down the Law with Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

The New IT Podcast | December 02, 2020

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity deputy team leader and Rochester associate Jenny Holmes appears as a guest in this tech-focused podcast to discuss her outlook and best practices on cloud computing, putting together an incident response plan, and the Privacy Shield.

The Once-and-Future Privacy Shield

Rochester Business Journal | November 06, 2020

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity deputy leader and Rochester associate Jenny Holmes contributed this article analyzing the European Court of Justice’s recent invalidation of the Privacy Shield and its impact on data flows between the US and the EU. This article was co-developed with Los Angeles partner Jason P. Gonzalez and Boston associate Troy K. Lieberman, both from the Data Privacy & Cybersecurity team.

Standing Apart

Intellectual Property Magazine | October 01, 2020

Intellectual Property partner and Life Sciences Practice co-chair Seth Levy and Intellectual Property counsel Peter Wied, both of Los Angeles, contributed this article, based on their alert, which examines the Gensetix Inc v Baylor College of Medicine case and a recent ruling to allow an infringement case to proceed without the state university patent owner’s involvement.

Nixon says ITC probes retailers in patent infringement case

Bloomberg Law | September 30, 2020

This article covers the U.S. International Trade Commission’s institution of a second investigation into leading retailers and suppliers of filament LED lighting products, based on a complaint NP filed on behalf of the Regents of the University of California (UC). Los Angeles Intellectual Property partners Seth Levy and Shawn Hansen are leading the NP team in UC’s LED patent enforcement campaign.

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