NP Venture Plus

A suite of legal services that helps an entrepreneur turn their visions of success into reality.

Our approach

An entrepreneur’s first priority is building their business, leaving little time to manage legal issues.

We understand. So we created our NP Venture Plus program specifically for visionary entrepreneurs. NP Venture Plus packages the legal services new companies need, including corporate formation, intellectual property rights and compliance with securities, labor and employment laws and regulations.

Entrepreneurs receive a written roadmap with scheduled deadlines for the key legal milestones, which include;

  • Company formation
  • Governance matters
  • Founders stock issuances
  • Financing transactions
  • Securities law compliance
  • Intellectual property rights and protection
  • Labor & employment laws compliance
  • Global business growth opportunities

Throughout the process, our team of accomplished attorneys provides clear guidance, eliminating any second-guessing about decisions important to the growth of your business.

NP Venture Plus provides the following services for a single fixed fee:

  • Initial in-person consultations with experienced partners and senior counsel
  • Formation of the company as a corporation in Delaware or California
  • Customized forms based on our consultations regarding the company’s initial legal needs
  • Consultation with our international business attorneys on the potential global aspects of the company

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David A. Kaufman

Director of Global Strategies

Phone: 415-984-8241

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